Japanese Kitchen DAIDOCORO

Corporate Outline

Trading Name

Cleanup Corporation

English Company Name

Cleanup Corporation

Head Of f ice

6-22-22 Nishi-nippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo 116-8587
Tel: 81-(0)3-3894-4771 (Main switchboard)

Business Objectives
  • 1Manufacturing and sale of household equipment and appliances, including kitchen equipment, bath equipment, and washstand fixtures.
  • 2Manufacturing and sale of building materials, steel structures, and metal machine fixtures.
  • 3Sale of medical equipment.
  • 4Design, fitting and installation, contracting, and supervision of construction work incidental to the previous items.
  • 5Cleaning, maintenance, inspection, repair, and consultation relating to the previous items.
  • 6Real estate sales, rental, brokerage, management, and land development.
  • 7General truck cargo transport, cargo transport and handling, and warehousing.
  • 8Labor dispatch and job placement services.
  • 9Property insurance agency and solicitation of life insurance.
  • 10Designated home care assistance and home care service provider (under the Insurance Law for Home Nursing Care), sale of home care and welfare equipment, and renovation of home care residences.
  • 11Management of private nursing homes.
  • 12Sale of food articles, alcoholic beverages, articles for daily use and miscellaneous goods.
  • 13Publishing and sales of books.
  • 14Planning, developing, operation managing, and consulting information system.
    Planning, developing, and sales of software.
  • 15Travel agency.
  • 16Management of massage, acupuncture and moxibustion clinic.
  • 17Management of lodging facilities.
  • 18All business incidental to the previous items.
Date of Founding

October 5, 1949

Date of Establishment

October 5, 1954

February 6, 1990 Listed on the 2nd Section of the Tokyo Stock

September 2, 1991 Listed on the 1st Section of the Tokyo Stock


13,267.34 million

Fiscal Year

Ending March (annually)

Number of Employees

3,533 (As of March 31, 2017)

Sales (Consolidated)

Fiscal year ending March 2017@113,661 million

Main Lines of Business

yKitchen equipmentz
System kitchens, sinks, work cabinets, cabinets for gas stoves, wall cabinets, storage cabinets, gas stoves, range hoods, gas ranges, oven ranges, microwave ovens, fridge-freezers, dishwasher/dryers, dish dryers.

yBath equipmentz
System bathrooms, artificial marble bathtubs, stainless steel bathtubs.

yWashstand fixturesz
System washstands/vanities, shampoo washstands/vanities, washstand storage cabinets.

yCommercial kitchen equipmentz
Sinks, cooking work tables, cupboards, culinary training tables, heating equipment, dishwashers, fridge-freezers, rice cookers.

Other household equipment and devices.


    General construction license from the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (General-24) No. 9992: plumbing work, fitting work, roofing work, sheet metal work, steel structural work, interior finishing work.

ISO Certifications

ISO9001 certified, ISO14001 certified

Number of Business Locations

Regional office 3 , Branch offices 4 , Sales offices 123 , Field offices 8 , Showrooms 103 , Factories 10 , Overseas business locations 4 , Training facilities 8 , Subsidiaries 9 (As of September 30,2017)

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