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Cleanup's new beginning -Striving to be a'Company creating cheerful smiles in the family.'

Kyoichi Inoue Kyoichi Inoue, Chairman

The history of Cleanup is the history of revolutionizing and modernizing kitchens in Japan. We have continually followed the livelihoods of our customers with an inquisitive mind and have observed the smiles of our customers in kitchens throughout Japan. Born from our 60-year history, the stainless steel system kitchen S.S., combining sophisticated beauty and performance, and CLEANLADY, now synonymous with system kitchens, have become trusted brands, allowing Cleanup as eThe Kitchen Companyf to connect with our customers.

However, the current of the times is calling for change. Our customers now have more diverse values and lifestyles in an aging society with a declining birthrate. As we celebrate our 60th anniversary this year, we at Cleanup have decided to set forth eCreating cheerful smiles in the familyf as our new corporate philosophy and have declared a new beginning for the company.

As a hardware manufacturer which simply manufactures and markets products, we are not able to directly create real smiles on the faces of our customers. It is important to maintain an awareness of our customersf lives in order to propose lifestyles and home environments that reflect the times. Further, unless we can provide customer-oriented services, we will not be able to properly respond to the diversification of customer needs. The diverse range of expertise and inspiration that has been cultivated over years of experience, as well as the joy and courage that we receive from our customers, really provide us with momentum.

With a wish to see the genuine smiles of our customers, we at Cleanup are taking great strides to become a eCompany creating cheerful smiles in the family.f

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