Cleanup Corporation, as a dedicated systemized kitchen solutions manufacture in Japan, will announce at the Salone del Mobile in Milano a new type of kitchens under the concept "DAIDOCORO" which represents the futuristic kitchens supporting Japanese food culture hereafter. With the presence of industrial designer Giulio Iacchetti we will pursue a new value in kitchens by combining Japanese Designers of Cleanup sensitivity and Italian sensitivity.

クリナップは、日本のキッチン専業メーカーとして、これからの日本の食文化を支える日本のキッチンの未来形“DAIDOCORO”をコンセプトとしたキッチンをミラノサローネで発表します。プロダクトデザイナー ジュリオ・イアケッティ氏を迎え、日本のクリナップデザイナーとイタリアの感性が出会うことにより、新しいキッチンの価値を創造します。


Opening hours

Tue, April 8 - Sat, April 12 h.11:00-20:00
Sun, April 13 h.11:00-17:00




URUSHJ Corso Garibaldi, 65-20121 Milano


ブレラ地区 URUSHJ(ウルシ有限会社)
所在地:Corso Garibaldi, 65-20121 Milano
     最寄り駅 地下鉄・Moscova駅

About Milano Salone

The Salone Internazionale del Mobile is the world's largest international furniture trade fair held every April in Milan Italy.
It is an exciting week for the interior designers' community where manufacturers and designers from all across Europe gather.
The trend in design for the year is sent out promptly, and appoximately 300 thousand guests from all over the
world visit this magnificent event.
It is divided into 2 parts. "FIERA", the world's largest international trade fair for designs of furnitures, kitchens, and offices.
And "FUORI SALONE", an exhibition of manufacturers and designers held in every part of the city.

ミラノサローネは、毎年4月にイタリア・ミラノで開催される、世界最大規模の国際家具見本市(Salone Internazionale del Mobile)です。
家具やキッチン、オフィス等のインテリアデザインにおける世界最大規模の国際見本市「FIERA(フィエラ)」と、ミラノ市街各所で行われるメーカーやデザイナーの展示会や展覧会の「FUORI SALONE(フォーリサローネ)」に分かれて開催されます。