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Corporate Activity & Training

Contributing to the local community as a responsible corporate citizen.

  • Cleanup Kids Wrestling Club

  • In-house training

Promoting sports is an important part of our corporate culture.

Promoting sports is an important part of our corporate culture. Although corporate-sponsored sports are on the decline in Japan, Cleanup is continuing to provide corporate-wide support to our wrestling team. At the Inoue Memorial Gymnasium, we also run the Cleanup Kids Wrestling Club for local elementary school children.

Social contribution starts with grassroots communication.

Cleanup has always been supported by the local communities that are home to our sales locations and factories. We hope to make contributions to society as a corporate citizen by actively participating in activities for the local area.

Traditional skills are passed down at the Noboru Workshop.

This school for craftsmen called Noboru Workshop located in Yotsukura Factory is where skills accumulated at Cleanup over the years are passed down. Many employees acquire traditional skills at the workshop.

Original employee development programs.

In-house trainings and group trainings are held to develop the vocational skills of our employees. Our original Kitchen Coordinator System is also helping to enhance the quality of our customer service.

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