Warm, safe, and clean. Perfected quality in everyway.


A systemized bathroom that wraps you with warmth and playfullness.



A bathroom which is
warm, safe and will be
used for decades.

A place where every family member can relax mentally and physically. With a clean and comfortable bathroom, you can relax luxuriously.



A relaxing space where warmth lasts.

A place where you can relax even on a cold day. A place where every family member becomes happy.

Making the entire bathroom warm.

With just a press of a button, the floor is showered with warm water before you enter. Warm from the moment you step in. Heat is insulated through the ceiling and even under the floor. The entire bathroom including the tub and showering area will remain warm.

A tub which warmth is kept.

Even the tub and lid are speced with heat insulation. Warmth is maintained so everyone in the family, anyone that is using later can enjoy their time in the bathroom.


Functions which makes you feel safe

The bathroom is where everyone in the family uses everyday. It is also where there are risks of falling and heat shock. Reducing unnecessary movements by applying universal designs, we have been aiming to create a bathroom where anyone can relax safely.

Ideas to support your movements in the bathroom.

With handle bars that even small children or elderly can easily grip or tubs designed with lower stride, movement in the bathroom will be safe and smooth.

Technology that reduces risks.

Technology such as flooring that prevents slipping and a shower system that reduces temperature difference between the inside and outside are applied.


A bathroom that maintains cleanliness and loved

Cleanup's ideas and technology are applied in cleanliness. With design variation focused on every detail, a bathroom that will be loved for generations is created.

A wide variation so you can coodinate freely.

Wide variety of walls that is based on interior desgin. You can enjoy coodinating your entire bathroom including the tub, flooring, and ventilator.

Original technology and desgin that maintains cleanliness and for you to use for decades.

With the coating process applied on the drainage that prevents dirt or the counter that can be removed and cleaned entirely, daily cleaning will become simple.

Product Comparison

    • Warm, safe, and clean. Perfected quality in everyway.
    • A systemized bathroom that wraps you with warmth and playfullness.