Return to yourself.

Strip down to nakedness, feel open and free, fill your heart.
My Sweet Bathroom, the place where you spend this precious time.


Enjoy what you like.
A bathroom that fits perfectly.



Beloved, like a living room.
Fully utilizable, like a living room.
Very particularly designed, like a living room.

Being comfortable is not enough.
Let’s create spaces that families love more
and that are utilized more.
A Living Bathroom packed with delights and surprises that completely satisfies the heart while naturally providing functionality and usability as a comfortable space.



Interior design

The use of an abundant, easily coordinated, high-end-worthy space is created.

Realizing total interior design focused on quality.
Particular use of matte textures creates an atmosphere appropriate for healing spaces.



Functions that facilitate comfortable bathing

Functionality that further enriches bath time that slowly relax both the mind and body.

Dual Fit Bathtub

The rotational headrest can be adjusted to two positions that provide comfortable postural support.
Lay the headrest down to support the head, or stand it up to provide comfortably high support for bathing with the shoulders out of the water.

Silk Veil Shower

This shower features an original structure that combines the shower spout and Ultra Fine Bubble* functions.
Showering so comfortable that you feel as if you were wrapped in a veil of silk at the perfect temperature.
*Ultra Fine Bubble is a registered trademark of the Fine Bubble Industries Association.

*Link to the Japanese site


Continuous warmth
A space for relaxing

Heat-insulating materials arranged to envelope and maintain warmth, making bathing in winter comfortable, as well.

Warming the entire bathroom
The entire bathroom retains warmth

Heat is retained from the ceiling to underneath the floor. The bathtub as well as the washing area stays warm longer.

High insulation bathtub keeps warm water warm

Both this bathtub and its cover thoroughly retain heat. This formidable heart-retaining power ensures that everyone in the family, even those bathing later, can enjoy a comfortably warm bath.


Maintaining cleanliness
Emphasis on cleanliness

Because the bathroom is a place where you want to be clean, this room has been equipped throughout with clean functions and innovations.

Crimper packing used throughout

Packing that is far more resistant to mold than conventional sealants is used throughout the bathroom, which makes it easy to remove mold and maintain bathroom cleanliness.

Anti-Slipping Floor

Balancing cleanability with good drainage, this hygienic floor dries in no time.

Clean Hair Catcher

Lifts grime to quickly wash it away, and easily removes even stubborn grime.
Hair can be removed with one hand.


Ideas support movement inside the bathroom

Provides total support for movement inside the bathroom.
Makes the bathroom so easy to use, anyone can use it with peace of mind.

High position design

Raises the center of gravity for easy movement.
Reduces stress on the knees and back when standing or sitting in the bath.

Anti-Slipping Floor Pattern

Our original Anti-slipping floor pattern widens the area of contact between the sole of the foot and the floor. The surface tension of water pulls the sole of the foot down, increasing the anti-slip effects.

    • Relaxing your mind and body.
      A comfortable bathroom where you can spend luxurious moments.
    • Have an enjoyable time just being yourself.
      A bathroom that combines thoughtfulness and playfulness.