• Chairman

    INOUE Kyoichi

  • President

    TAKEUCHI Hiroshi

Cleanup Corporation was founded in 1949. Throughout the years, we have been providing products related to water including kitchens along with lifestyles for many families. Focusing strongly towards our corporate philosophy, our company has grown as it is today.

“What is the purpose of our existence and continuing our corporate activity?” Everything is based on our corporate philosophy “Creating cheerful smiles of families”. All of our corporate activity is to fulfill this philosophy.
Our company still exists after decades because society has kindly asked for us and utilized us. We believe there is no future for us without staying humble.

All corporate activity as management has and will always be dedicated towards society and culture. We will keep aiming to become a company that we can be proud of to our families and society by always remembering our corporate philosophy.


Date of Founding October 5, 1949
Date of Establishment October 5, 1954
Head Office 6-22-22 Nishi-nippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo 116-8587
Telephone Number +81-3-3894-4771
Listed stock exchange Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Capital ¥13,267.34 million
Fiscal Year Ending March (annually)
Number of Employees 3,469 (As of March 2022)
Main Lines of Business 【Kitchen equipment】
Systemized Kitchen, sink stands, etc.
【Washstand fixtures】
System washstands/vanities, shampoo washstands/vanities, bathroom furniture, bathroom cabinets, washstand storage cabinets, etc
Other household equipment and devices.
Number of Business Locations Regional office 3 , Branch offices 5 ,
Sales offices 127 ,
Showrooms 102 ,
Factories 10 ,
Overseas business locations 2 ,
Subsidiaries 8
(As of April 2022)

Production Locations

Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture
  • Factory Site Area Items Produced
  • Yotsukura Factory 140,000m² Stainless steel cabinets, washstand vanities, etc.
  • Kashima System Factory 77,000m² Systemized kitchens, etc.
  • Kashima Factory 34,000m² Systemized bathrooms, etc.
  • Yumoto Factory 33,000m² Kitchen countertops, stainless steel sinks, etc.
  • Crete Factory 32,000m² Artificial marble baths, artificial marble countertops, etc.
  • No.2 Crete Factory 28,000m² Artificial marble countertops.
  • Artificial marble countertops. 13,200m² Stainless steel coloring process, etc.
  • Cleanup Steel Processing Co., Ltd. Kashima Art Factory 11,200m² Stainless steel coloring process, etc.
Katsuta-gun and Tsuyama City, Okayama Prefecture
  • Okayama Factory 40,000m² Systemized kitchens, etc.
  • Tsuyama Factory 27,931m² Systemized kitchens and stainless steel countertops.

Overseas Offices

  • Location Telephone Number Items Produced
  • Cleanup (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. Shanghai JBC, No.808, Hong Qiao Road
    Shanghai 200030, China
    +86-21-6448-0400 +86-21-6448-0401
  • Cleanup Corporation Taiwan Branch 13F.-8, No.41, Nanjing W road, Datong Dis. ,
    Taipei City 10352, Taiwan(R.O.C)
    +886-2-2558-9212 +886-2-2558-9213


Cleanup Techno Service Co., Ltd.

As a team of after-sales service professionals for plumbing products made for systemized kitchens and baths, Cleanup Techno Service Co., Ltd., delivers high-quality products and services to customers through reliable technologies and attentive service. It also supports customers' living environments through the sale of accessories, replacement of units, periodic inspection services, and renovation services.

Cleanup Logistics Co., Ltd.

Cleanup Logistics Co., Ltd., strives to improve the quality of logistics by deploying logistics services from the customer's perspective at all times, while adapting to the changing conditions of the times, with a thorough focus on shipping and delivery to satisfy customers.We are also actively involved in "cross-industrial cooperational delivery," and are realizing a delivery by proposing safe and high-quality logistics solutions.

Cleanup Stainless Processing Co., Ltd.

Cleanup Stainless Processing Co., Ltd., delivers stainless-steel material processing and chemical coloring technologies to a variety of fields in the form of products, parts, and materials based on the technologies it has built for many years through the development of kitchen, bath, and other products. Its color stainless-steel technologies are used in an increasingly wide range of areas today, thanks to the outstanding properties of durability and weather resistance.

Cleanup Heartful Co., Ltd.

Cleanup Heartful Co., Ltd., was launched in March 2008 as a subsidiary of Cleanup Corporation. Today it is authorized as an exceptional subsidiary. One objective of the company is to encourage employees with disabilities to secure social independence and ensure that they can work together with employees without disabilities to create heartfelt value through coexistence with the community based on administrative operations under contract to the Cleanup Group.

Cleanup Career Service Corporation

As the outsourcing section of the Cleanup Group, Cleanup Career Service Corporation engages in the businesses of worker placement, long-term care, and operation of premium senior citizens' homes in the city of Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture. The company aims for coexistence with the community through identifying and meeting customer needs.

Kanshanosato Iwaki Cleanup Career Service Corporation

Cleanup Career Service Corporation operates a premium senior citizens' home in the city of Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture, where it contributes to the local community with a warmhearted environment focused on residents that offers quality services with reliability and security to ensure that residents can live lives of abundance surrounded by friends and with peace of mind.

Cleanup Solution Co., Ltd.

Cleanup Solution Co., Ltd., delivers information technology (IT) solutions through IT-related development under contract and computer system development for customers in a wide range of industries. The company develops, maintains, and operates computer systems that meet customer needs by taking on the challenges of new technologies together with its customers and partners.

Cleanup (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

By providing a wide range of supply sources that the company has built in China through the present, Cleanup (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., offers solutions that feature cost savings through the procurement of products, parts, and materials in China; proposes small-volume production and streamlined inventories; promotes the local production of products; and ensures manufacturing and quality control. The company also provides support for research on local businesses to customers concerned about linguistic differences and access.