We have 3 philosophies: "Founder's Philosophy," "Corporate Philosophy," and "Active Philosophy.
At the top of the list is the Founder's Philosophy "5 Spirits," the 5 management principles sought by the founder, and the Corporate Philosophy "Creating cheerful smiles in the family" was established by the employees who learned from the Founder's Philosophy. All of our corporate activities are directed toward the realization of this corporate philosophy.
Furthermore, we have also embodied how to realize our corporate philosophy by setting forth the value standards for our employees to act on a daily basis in the form of our Code of Conduct.
Over the years, we have been strongly aware of these principles and have been able to grow to this point. We will continue to strive to realize our philosophy in order to continue to exist as a company that can contribute to society.

Founder’s Philosophy

Five Spilits

1. Founding Spirit
In the spirit of the family, we must share both joy and pain to create a company that will develop forever.

2. Affectionate Spirit
The heart of love is the foundation of family, business, and society, and trust and strive to connect with each other.

3. Creative Spirit
Originality and development are the lifeblood of our company.
Without forgetting this spirit, we will contribute to society through the prosperity of our company.

4. Technological Spirit
To create new markets, seek out and consolidate technology both domestically and internationally.
And hone the wisdom that gives birth to technology.

5. Spirit of accomplishment
Our mission is to serve society through our company's business
Always remember to be grateful as we strive forward.

The Founder's Philosophy, "Five Spirits," represents the five management principles sought by Noboru Inoue, the founder of Cleanup, to maintain the health of our employees and organization, and to motivate us in our business. We place these "Five Spirits" at the top of our philosophy system and regard them as universal ideas in our corporate activities. We will contribute to the realization of a spiritually rich society by having all of our employees inherit and put into practice the ideas contained in the "Five Spirits.

    • Honorary Chairman Noboru Inoue (right) and his wife Keyo
      (On the occasion of receiving "The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette" in 1993)

Corporate Philosophy

Creating cheerful smiles of families

This philosophy condenses the direction and scope of our current and future activities, the values we provide, and our mission. It represents the very foundation of what we exist for and what we do as a company, and by sharing and putting it into practice by all employees, we mean that we will create real smiles and extend them to our customers, their families, and society.

The "family smile" that we believe in refers to the "smiles of individuals," including people and employees, the "smiles of families," which individuals cherish, and the "smiles of society," which is the aggregate of all families. At Cleanup, we will continue to expand our activities in businesses related to food and housing, as well as in social and cultural spheres, and constantly challenge ourselves to change in order to bring smiles to the faces of families.

Active Philosophy

  • We will create a soulful culture of residence and cuisine.
  • We will always conduct fair and honest corpotate activities.
  • We will create a company we can boast of to our family.

Our active philosophy sets forth the value standards and guidelines for each of us to act on a daily basis in our corporate activities.

1. In order to create a rich food and housing culture, we will continue to hone our sensitivity to the needs of the times, and by keeping a close eye on social trends and the lifestyles of consumers, we will create new products and services and deliver rich lifestyle values at the intersection of food and housing.

2. We will carry out "fair and honest" corporate activities, consisting of "fair and honest" individuals, through the basic spirituality of humanity (a spirit of "affection, trust, and gratitude" and "contribution to society"), a spirit of respect for human rights, and compliance with social norms such as morality and laws and regulations.

3. In all of our activities as a company, we aim to be a company that "we can be proud of to our own families" by keeping a smile on our faces, making efforts, caring for our fellow workers, and facing society.

Company Emblem

The corporate emblem of Cleanup consists of a square that represents the company's stance of manufacturing high-quality, reliable products and the letter "C" that is about to jump out of the square, expressing passion and joy for work with a deep red color. The "C" in the design motif represents "Cleanup" and the feelings of "Change," "Challenge," and "Creation".