Our Vision

Open up the future of people and life

As a pioneer in Systemized kitchens, we at Cleanup will continue to expand and create new
possibilities for dining and living spaces, and become the company of choice for all families
around the world.

Cleanup's sustainability vision: broaden the possibilities of living and dining spaces

Cleanup's corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives are based on steadily putting into practice the corporate philosophy of striving to be a company creating cheerful smiles in the family.

To pass along a comfortable world to future generations, we are advancing sustainability management with a focus on solutions to ESG challenges and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as we strive to sincerely contribute to society and increase corporate value based on a medium- to long-term perspective.

By aiming for sustained growth and additional increases in corporate value while building relationships of trust and cooperation with all stakeholders, we will make progress toward the realization of our corporate philosophy of striving to be a company creating cheerful smiles in the family.

Representative Director, President, and CEO


代表取締役 社長執行役員 竹内 宏

Providing Value for Living through Manufacturing

From our founding to today, Cleanup has passed along its unique focus on manufacturing. This could even be described as the essence of Cleanup. The product-development expertise that we have built to the present from activities that include the development of Japan's first systemized kitchens in 1973 is put to use in bathrooms, bath vanities, and other plumbing facilities, in addition to kitchens.
As a company whose products will continue to be used for many years, we believe that it is vital to stand by our customers as they face the various challenges that can vary from one age and from one generation to another.
We propose kitchen and dining solutions for living and maintain a structure to support customers' ways of life in order to realize our goal of delivering smiling faces to families with the construction of our living and dining areas. We will never stop evolving and progressing.

Background social issues
  • Realizing safe, healthy living in a superannuated society
  • Promoting product development to realize sustainable resource consumption
  • Further improving quality of life (QOL)

Environmental protection efforts

The Cleanup Group is actively engaged in a wide range of environmental activities for coexistence with the environment. We contribute to lessening the environmental impact by promoting efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, in addition to our work to reduce and recycle waste through all processes of development, production, logistics, installation, and after-sales support. Marked changes in the environment are expected to occur in the future as well. By taking action now based on the consideration of what we can do through living and dining spaces, we believe that we will be able to build a living and dining culture for coexistence with the environment and pass on our vision to the next generation.

Background social issues
  • Minimization of the social impact of climate change
  • Promoting use of renewable energy
  • Promoting sustainable resource consumption, production, and development

Social contributions and social engagement

The goal of the Cleanup Group is to be an essential corporate presence by contributing to society and taking on social challenges together with stakeholders through our business activities. Through the various social contribution activities of scholarships for students and child nutrition activities by the Cleanup Foundation and the sports-promotion activities operated by the Cleanup Wrestling Team, we aim to be a company that will continue to consistently contribute to society for the long term. Considering the activities of human resources throughout the Cleanup Group and the development of working environments to be parts of our social contributions as well, we are promoting improvements to the working environments to ensure healthy, diverse work styles while also enhancing the corporate governance structure.

Background social issues
  • Being a responsible business that meets stakeholders' expectations and contributes to society
  • Realizing a society that values people's diversity and gender equality
  • Forging a society in which everybody can express themselves and experience rewarding work

Contributions to living and dining culture

Social engagement

Sports promotion


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