Company Information


Cleanup's new beginning -
Striving to be a Company creating cheerful smiles in the family.

Chairman Kyoichi Inoue

Kyoichi Inoue

President Hiroshi Takeuchi

Hiroshi Takeuchi

Cleanup Corporation was founded in 1949. Throughout the years, we have been providing products related to water including kitchens along with lifestyles for many families. Focusing strongly towards our corporate philosophy, our company has grown as it is today.

“What is the purpose of our existence and continuing our corporate activity?” Everything is based on our corporate philosophy “Creating cheerful smiles of families”. All of our corporate activity is to fulfill this philosophy.

Our company still exists after decades because society has kindly needed us has utilized us. We believe there is no future for us without staying humble.

All corporate activity as management has and will always be dedicated towards society and culture. We will keep aiming to become a company that we can be proud of to our families and society by always remembering our corporate philosophy.

Brand Statement
“Creating cheerful smiles from the kitchen”
Action Policy

Founder's Philosophy
“Five Concepts”

  • 1. Founding Spirit
  • 2. Affectionate Spirit
  • 3. Creative Spirit
  • 4. Technological Spirit
  • 5. Spirit of accomplishment

Corporate Philosophy

  • “Creating cheerful smiles in the family”

Active Philosophy

  • 1. We will create a soulful culture of residence
    and cuisine.
  • 2. We will always conduct fair and honest
    corpotate activities.
  • 3. We will create a company we can boast of to
    our family.

Corporate Outline

  • Company Name

    Cleanup Corporation

  • Head Office

    6-22-22 Nishi-nippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo 116-8587
    Tel: 81-(0)3-3894-4771 (Main switchboard)

  • Date of Founding

    October 5, 1949

  • Date of Establishment

    October 5, 1954

  • Listed stock exchange

    September 2, 1991 Listed on the 1st Section of the Tokyo Stock

  • Capital

    ¥13,267.34 million

  • Fiscal Year

    Ending March (annually)

  • Number of Employees

    3,454 (As of March 2021)

  • Main Lines of Business

    【Kitchen equipment】
    Systemized Kitchens, sink stands, etc.
    【Bath equipment】
    Systemized bathrooms, artificial marble bathtubs, stainless steel bathtubs, etc.
    【Washstand fixtures】
    System washstands/vanities, shampoo washstands/vanities, bathroom furniture, bathroom cabinets, washstand storage cabinets, etc
    Other household equipment and devices.

  • ISO Certifications

    ISO9001 certified, ISO14001 certified

  • Number of Business Locations

    Regional office 4 , Branch offices 1 , Sales offices 129 , Showrooms 102 ,
    Factories 10 , Overseas business locations 2 , Subsidiaries 8 (As of May 2021)

Production Locations

Locations and images of factories
  • Yotsukura Factory

    Site Area 140,000m²

    Items Produced : Stainless steel cabinets, washstand vanities, etc.

  • Kashima System Factory

    Site Area 77,000m²

    Items Produced : Systemized kitchens, etc.

  • Kashima Factory

    Site Area 34,000m²

    Items Produced : Systemized bathrooms, etc.

  • Yumoto Factory

    Site Area 33,000m²

    Items Produced : Kitchen countertops, stainless steel sinks, etc.

  • Crete Factory

    Site Area 32,000m²

    Items Produced : Artificial marble baths, artificial marble countertops, etc.

  • No.2 Crete Factory

    Site Area 28,000m²

    Items Produced : Artificial marble countertops.

  • Cleanup Steel Processing Co., Ltd. Kashima Art Factory

    Site Area 13,200m²

    Items Produced : Stainless steel coloring process, etc.

  • Cleanup Steel Processing Co., Ltd. Noda Factory

    Site Area 11,200m²

    Items Produced : Stainless steel cutting process, etc.

  • Okayama Factory

    Site Area 40,000m²

    Items Produced : Systemized kitchens, etc.

  • Tsuyama Factory

    Site Area 27,931m²

    Items Produced : Systemized kitchens and stainless steel countertops.

Cleanup Kitchen town 360°Virtual showroom

Corporate History

Cleanup’s history is the Japanese kitchen history.
Our company started from low tables. A symbol of family gathering. We have always been the industry’s pioneer.
With pride, revolutionary ideas and technology, we have always been close to the customers’ life style.
As an “Expert on kitchens”, we will keep thinking about the importance of the kitchen’s role more than anyone.
We will put in all of our effort so everyone will think that “Kitchen means Cleanup”