In October 1949, Noboru Inoue, the founder of Cleanup, started the manufacture and sale of zataku (Japanese low table) tables. The company's first starting point was on a site of only 860 square meters in Nippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo. Later, Inoue Shokutaku Co., Ltd. was established and the company was renamed Inoue Kogyo Co. In 1961, the trademark "Cleanup" was born.
While the company has constantly evolved and deepened its corporate image, from the development, manufacture, and sale of water-related products, from the zataku table to the stainless steel sink, and then to the development, manufacture, and sale of systemized kitchens and other water-related products, the accumulated technology and know-how and the passion for manufacturing have been passed down to this day as the company's DNA.

Cleanup brand movie


Started the manufacture and sales of zelkova wooden tables as a sole proprietorship in Arakawa, Tokyo

Zelkova wooden tables


Inoue Shokutaku K.K. founded


Renamed Inoue Industries Corp.

Stainless-steel sink stands

Started the manufacture and sales of stainless-steel sink stands (photo: prototype produced in 1959)


Cleanup trademark launched

CSM sink stand with rice bin

CSM sink stands with rice bins introduced as the first products to feature the Cleanup trademark


The new Hisanohama factory (Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture) opened


The Kitakyushu branch opened as the first sales facility


The new Yotsukura factory (Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture) opened


Stainless-steel sink stands "Diamond Leather" and "Opal"

Two products—Diamond Leather and Opal—introduced in the jewels series as the first deep stainless-steel sink stands in the industry


Cleanup Dealers Association formed (became Cleanup Partners Association in 1974)


The first showroom opened in Iidabashi (Tokyo)

Model B bath vanity

Models B, BS, and BH introduced as the Company's first bath vanities, combining cabinets with sinks and faucet fixtures


Cleanup Joban Kogyo K.K. (Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture) established (now the Yumoto factory)


Sink stand equipped with strainer plate

Introduced the industry's first sink stand equipped with a strainer plate, which made it possible to strain ingredients hygienically by eliminating the need for a wash basket that consumed cabinet space


Japan's first systemized kitchen

Japan's first systemized kitchen introduced, marking the company's start as a pioneer producer of systemized kitchens


Paired sink stands

Paired sink stands introduced in all main mid- to top-range products. Sales volumes increased rapidly during the first oil crisis, thanks to a sales policy of leaving prices unchanged.

The new Kashima factory (Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture) opened


Cleanup Exclusive Dealers Association formed

Stainless-steel sink stand with cabinets "Sakura DX"

Sakura DX, the first stainless-steel sink stand with cabinets to include side, back, and bottom panels, introduced


Cleanup Stainless Processing Co., Ltd. (Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture) established

Systemized kitchen "Modern"

Full-fledged entry into the systemized kitchen market with the introduction of two systemized kitchen series: Modern and Classic. The Classic series emphasized a traditional American-style design and represented our first international technological partnership


Stainless steel coloring technology adopted from Inco Europe and Nippon Steel Corporation

Colored stainless steel bathtub "Marchen" (named after the Little Mermaid tale)

The Marchen series of colored stainless steel bathtubs introduced, which featured new multicolor designs using Inco Color chemical coloring technology that depicted patterns designed by the shadow artist Seiji Fujishiro

Counter Kitchen

Counter Kitchen, the predecessor to the later Clean Lady series, introduced, which provided a luxurious combination of the high quality of stainless steel cabinets with the streamlined nature of a systemized kitchen

Stainless steel cabinet sink stand

Another stainless-steel sink stand with cabinets was introduced in response to increasingly diverse design needs and became a best-selling product to that date


Cleanup Okayama Industry K.K. (Katsuta-gun, Okayama Prefecture) established


Trade name changed to Cleanup Corporation.

Clean Lady systemized kitchen

Clean Lady, the first easy-installation systemized kitchen in the industry, introduced. Became a best seller product as its slogan, "I'm going to buy a systemized kitchen" caught on.


The new Kashima System factory (Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture) opened


Systemized bathroom "Matsunoyu"

The Matsunoyu and Takenoyu series of plastic bath units, the first in the industry to incorporate Japanese design elements, were introduced. These were developed as bath units for 3.3-square-meter spaces and emphasized spaciousness and relaxation.


New Cleanup Production System (CPS) adopted


Systemized bathroom

Two types of stainless-steel systemized bathrooms were introduced. These were developed as products perfect for installation in two-family households and apartments, as well as the remodeling of single-family homes.

Systemized kitchen

Two models introduced as the top-of-the-line products in the Modern series introduced in 1976: Norman Birch and Norman Oak.


Technical partnership formed with ICI (UK) on production of artificial marble


Systemized kitchen "Clean Mrs."

High-end systemized kitchen "Clean Mrs." introduced. The sink variant in this series spurred the introduction in the industry of a succession of products with similar sinks.


Systemized bathroom "COSS"

COSS systemized bathroom introduced and featured spaciousness and relaxation based on the concept of a space-creating bathroom


The new Crate factory (Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture) opened


Chairman Emeritus Noboru Inoue awarded the Distinguished Fourth Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette


The new Cleanup Research Institute (Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture) opened


Systemized bathroom

Universal design systemized bathrooms that featured slip-resistant flat floors, handrails, and other enhancements for comfort were introduced.


Compact kitchen "colty"

Compact kitchen "colty" introduced for use as a subkitchen in two-family households or in apartments offering a full range of functions needed for preparing meals in the minimum necessary space

Systemized kitchen "S.S."

Systemized kitchen "S.S." introduced that featured fully sliding stainless steel cabinets, realizing outstanding durability and cleanliness while able to store large volumes.


Systemized kitchen "Clean Lady" with foot-level containers

Clean Lady, the first systemized kitchen in the industry to be equipped with Floor Container, introduced. Other new products included eye-area range hoods, which collected exhaust more efficiently and were much easier to clean than previous models, and sliding full-opening dishwashers.


Shanghai Cleanup Co., Ltd., established as a joint venture for the manufacture and sale of systemized kitchens

Aqua living amenity space "AQULIA"

Aqua living amenity space "AQULIA" enabled coordinated solutions for vanities and baths. The baths included first-in-the-industry features of water jets to massage the soles of the feet and grip-stone floors resistant to wetting and slipping.


Cleanup (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. established

Kanshanosato Iwaki premium senior citizens' home (Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture) opened by Cleanup Career Service Corporation

The new Tsuyama factory (Tsuyama, Okayama Prefecture) established by Cleanup Okayama Industry K.K.

Super Silent e-Sink

S.S. and Clean Lady series systemized kitchens equipped with Super Silent e-Sinks, the first in the industry to keep down water noise while resisting mineral encrustation from water and scratches, introduced. This technology later was renamed Be Silent Sink.


Started a national network "Mizumawari-koubou", a membership organization.


Self-cleaning Cooker Hood

Introduced the first automatic self-cleaning Cooker Hood in the industry. Bundled with the S.S. and Clean Lady series, the product had a major impact on the market by making kitchen cleaning more efficient.

Smile 20 twenty-year support program launched


Founder Noboru Inoue passes (aged 87 years)

Systemized kitchen "rakuera"

rakuera, a new type of massmarket systemized kitchen with interior-design elements like furniture, fully fitted with flooring and coordinated with the living room, introduced


Systemized bathroom "hairo"

Systemized bathroom "hairo", a massmarket series reflecting consideration for bathing by children, introduced


New corporate logo developed


Stainless steel cabinet kitchen "Clean Lady"

Clean Lady, equipped with stainless-steel cabinets as standard and incorporating value in areas of sanitation and cleanliness, introduced


Kitchen Town Cleanup Osaka (Osaka Showroom), a showroom in the sky, opened (later renamed Cleanup Kitchen Town Osaka)

Cleanup Foundation (Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture) established as part of efforts to support disaster recovery in Fukushima Prefecture (accredited as a public interest incorporated foundation in 2013)


Systemized bathroom "yuasis"

Systemized bathroom "yuasis" introduced to replace the hairo mass-market systemized bathroom series; the new bathroom emphasized interior design in harmony with the living space


First exhibited at Milano Salone 2014 (Italy), an international furniture show


Cleanup Kitchen Town Tokyo (Shinjuku Showroom), a showroom emphasizing empathy, opened

Stream Flow Sink

On the 32nd anniversary, Clean Lady was bundled with the Stream Flow Sink, a new feature reflecting scientific study of water flows in the sink, as a standard feature


New dining space proposed in Milano Salone 2016 (Italy)

Cleanup Kitchen Town Nagoya (Nagoya Showroom) opened

Stream Flow Vanity

This brought the concept of the Stream Flow Sink used in systemized kitchens to the vanity cabinet. FANCIO, a vanity equipped with the newly developed Stream Flow Vanity LL, introduced.


Transaction contract concluded with Valcucine (Italy). Domestic showroom Valcucine Tokyo (Minato, Tokyo) opened.


Stainless steel systemized kitchen "CENTRO"

CENTRO, a series with more advanced beauty and functionality, introduced as an update to the S.S., the top-of-the-line stainless-steel systemized kitchen

Stainless steel cabinet kitchen "STEDIA"

STEDIA introduced as an update to the Clean Lady, the long-running mid- to top-range stainless-steel cabinet kitchen


Cleanup Kitchen Town Yokohama (Yokohama Showroom) opened

The new kitchen "Hiroma" jointly developed with Hida Sangyo Co., Ltd.


Iaponica, a model developed jointly with Valcucine (Italy) for the Japanese market only