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Environmental Conservation

Environmental conservation is a fundamental aspect of our corporate activity.

Equipped with the latest environmentally-friendly equipment.

Equipped with the latest environmentally-friendly equipment. To ensure that our plants and facilities are as environmentally friendly as possible we have invested in the latest equipment to measure, analyze, and inspect the environmental load generated in our production processes. Our products are thoroughly checked, starting with the raw material in all processes to prevent the production of environmentally disruptive substances.

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Aiming to be a company with a special focus on recycling.

Equipped with the latest environmentally-friendly equipment. REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE. In addition to these well-known ‘3Rs,’ Cleanup is promoting its own version of the 3Rs: REFUSE, RETURN, and REMOVE. We refuse to purchase any material that will eventually end up as waste. We return whatever material we can to the supplier. And we remove any material from products that would make it difficult for them to be sorted, separated or disposed of at the end of their lives. Further, our original reusable packaging system called Returnable Packaging is also helping to achieve a sustainable recycling society.

Acquired ISO14001 certification.

Our factories and business locations have obtained ISO14001 certification. Obtaining the certification as a group allows us to ensure the promotion of environmental management under a unified environmental policy.

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