Japanese Kitchen DAIDOCORO


The answer lies in our unique technology and modern facilities.
Outline of CPS

  • Production process for Craftsman Tops

Sophisticated systems create reliable quality.

Our production lines have introduced sophisticated manufacturing systems. Production standards are always clearly documented, and technology and know-how in manufacturing are accumulated, as we endeavor to maintain and improve quality. In addition, all Cleanup factories have obtained ISO9001 series certifications.

A world of art created by our‘Craftsmen.’

Amid increased automation in production processes, the spirit of craftsmanship is still very much alive at Cleanup. The hammering, welding, sanding, and grain polishing processes are all performed by skilled artisans. This world of art can be created by our master craftsmen alone.

Cleanup Production System (CPS)

CPS is our original made-to-order manufacturing and logistics system that consolidates all steps from receipt of orders through to production, shipping, and delivery. The CPS allows all divisions to share information so that high-quality products can be delivered as quickly as possible to our customers.

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