Japanese Kitchen DAIDOCORO


Our showrooms stage new lifestyles.

Our showrooms are more than just showrooms.

Cleanup showrooms at over 100 locations across the country welcome customers to see, touch and feel the products on display, allowing them to discover ways to make their lives more comfortable. We place importance on the process of providing solutions by listening to the preferences and requests of customers and answering their questions, and our advisors with in-depth product knowledge are ready to assist them. Based on the concept of a ‘plaza-type’ showroom, we bring customers together with such events as cooking demonstrations by culinary experts and seminars on dietary education, and conduct sales of kitchenware and organic wines. Our aim is to produce showrooms that are approachable for customers.

Supporting customers 365 days a year.

Our Customer Center offers a support system to respond speedily to inquiries from customers regarding products, sales of parts or supplies, and requests for repairs.

PLAN CAN facilitating speedy business negotiations.

The PLAN CAN is a design system available on the Internet, which enables customers to plan the system kitchens or bathrooms of their choice. Based on preferences set by the customers, the details automatically appear on the presentation screen, which also provides a cost estimate, along with images and CAD data.

Distributing information on‘good living.’

In addition to the Cleanup website, the Dreamia Club website promotes egood livingf by distributing information on food and lifestyles.

Renovation is Cleanup’s field of expertise.

The Cleanup Mizumawari Kobo (Wet area workshop) is a collaboration of experts in building and renovation. Mizumawari Kobo holds seminars around the country proposing culture-oriented renovation.

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