Top Quality Stainless Steel Kitchen

The finest stainless steel kitchen in a continuous quest for design and innovation.


Enjoy life and cooking
to the fullest and focus.

Make your kitchen
the center of your life.
A kitchen that naturally brings people together, brings the heart closer, and entertains.
The kitchen is fully equipped with functions that makes you enjoy preparing and cooking food you are serving.
It will be a kitchen where both visitors and host can spend valuable time.


The Craftsman Deck Sink

Beautiful and new.
For those who serves refreshingly in the middle of the living room.

For those who insist on authentic cooking.

This is the ultimate sink based on skilled technology and design, for those who are dedicated to authentic cooking.

New idea of using the sink in a three-dimensional way

The freely movable Support Plate creates twice the work space in the sink.
The deck section, which is one level lower, can be rinsed with water to keep it clean at all times.

Unprecedented efficiency created by large capacity

The large-capacity sink has space for deep pots and large pans.
The deck area can also be used as an auxiliary space for the sink, making washing a breeze.

Equipped with Waterway Structure

Garbage that is usually scattered will be guided on a rail.
Area near the cooking space will naturally remain clean while cooking or washing the dishes.

e-Coat is applied on the entire sink

The entire surface of the sink, including the drainage, is treated with e-Coat.
The entire sink will be kept beautiful.

Removes grease with water only.

A special coating that easily blends with water and lifts dirt from the stainless steel surface, making it easy to remove dirt with just the flow of water.


e-Coat Countertop

Scratch and stain resistant stainless steel countertop with special ceramic coating.

Scratch and stain resistant stainless steel countertop with special ceramic coating.

A special coating that easily blends with water allows water to easily penetrate under stains and lift stains from the stainless steel surface.

Oil stains are floated and cleaned.

Even tough grease stains can be removed with just a quick wipe with a wet towel. Maintains the countertop clean.

Guards from scratches

The hard ceramic coating resists scratches and maintains its beauty for a long time.

The video is intended to demonstrate the strengths of stainless-steel scrubbing brushes.
It is not intended to recommend care methods.


Ceramic countertop

The hard ceramic material makes it sharper and more stylish.

Deep ceramic-like texture

The unique nuance of the coloring and the finely undulating texture of the surface are among its characteristics.
It is also fascinating that it is not easily discolored by seasonings or detergents and is not easily scratched.

Urban and sophisticated space

Whether blending in with a monotone space or accenting a dark color, its hue gives a sense of luxury to the space.

Beautiful patterns which is the uniqueness of ceramic

Two collections, Industrial with an elegant texture and Earth with a natural marble motif, available in seven colors.


Tool Container + Full Extension Rail

Top-of-the-line Tool Box with thorough cooking and organizing

Right positions for smooth cooking

Three-dimensional storage arranged on both sides of the kitchen so items can be efficiently taken in and out depending on the purpose.
It supports your cooking operation.

Top of the line rail Legrabox

High-quality rails with gears built in. The left and right rails are synchronized to ensure large drawers to be opened and closed smoothly.

Overwhelming storage capacity

Large capacity drawer-type all-slide storage that can be used all the way.
Eliminates dead space in the kitchen for efficient storage.


Painted Doors - Kyo Yuzen Pattern

Inspired by the traditional tataki-style dyeing, the technology is transformed into a door face material.
It creates a unique atmosphere.

Traditional techniques re-created with the latest technology

The motif of "Tataki-Dye", a traditional technique, reproduces a unique Japanese texture.
We have incorporated it into our cutting-edge kitchens.

Expression produced by a skilled worker by hand

The sense of depth that cannot be reproduced by machine is created because each piece is finished by a skilled craftsmen.
The subtly different expressions produced by handwork are fascinating.


Stainless steel door

Using our unique technologies such as polishing, coloring, and dotting, a rich expression is created on stainless steel.

Focused on stainless steel expression

Complexity and richness of stainless steel is finally expressed through our history and expertise as a manufacturer specializing in stainless steel kitchens.

"Tiger Eye", a pattern that changes

The polished stainless steel door, which the pattern looks different depending on where you stand, adds a new look to your kitchen.


Systemized Area Storage + Wall Appliance Storage

In addition to its large storage capacity, the oven and rice cooker can also be smartly accommodated.

Designs that takes center stage

The luxury design with glass doors can create a stylish and functional kitchen space.

Well-thought-out storage functions

Various functions that supports cooking are integrated into one convenient and comfortable kitchen storage.

Work flow included into the storage design

The layout behind the kitchen provides the shortest line of access to the oven, cooking appliance storage, and working counter.